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Birth Name:
Robert Alastair Addie

6' 2" (1.88 m)

Date of Birth:
10 February 1960

Date of Death:
20 November 2003 in Cheltenham, England of lung cancer

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Robert as a polo player
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Robert Addie was born on 10th February 1960 and grew up in a busy stable yard in Gloucestershire, England, UK. After leaving Marlborough College he spent some time as a professional polo player and horse trainer, then as an estate agent (realtor) before joining Michael Croft's National Youth Theatre, London in 1976.

After a couple of seasons he successfully auditioned for a part in the new Richard Burton picture
Absolution (1978). After a year at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art he left to take the part of Mordred in John Boorman's Excalibur (1981).

He then went on to feature in several movies and many television productions, the most notable being Excalibur, Robin of Sherwood and Another Country.

In 1989 Robert left acting for personal reasons. After spending some time in the US, Spain and back in the UK, he returned to acting in 1995, starting with some theater productions in the south of England, UK.

These were followed by TV appearances in
Noah's Ark (UK) and the New Adventures of Robin Hood (US) in 1997.

Robert returned to live in his native Gloucestershire and his pastimes included reading, writing, golf and keeping fit. He was single, having been married and divorced three times, with three children.


Official Robert Addie fanclub 'Addie's Faction' c/o Kirsty Robertson, 30 Queen Mary Avenue, Camberley, Surrey, GU15 3BJ, UK

Spoke fluent Spanish and passable French, he was renowned as a genuinely expert and experienced horseman and was an  accomplished swordsman and former competitive archer.

He took Katrine Boorman out to dinner several times while filming the movie Excalibur. As a result of this, Katrine's father, John Boorman, did not speak to him for a while, which caused some problems on the set.

Played two mythological villains: Mordred in
Excalibur (which he got because of his resemblance to director John Boorman's son, Charlie, who played the boy Mordred) and Sir Guy of Gisburne on

Robin of Sherwood (1984); he was helped by his abilities as a horse rider.

He and former Robin of Sherwood star Ray Winstone, who played Will Scarlet opposite Addie's Gisburne, have both been in films about King Arthur. Addie played Mordred in John Boorman's Excalibur (1981) and Winstone plays Sir Bors in Antoine Fuqua's King Arthur (2004)
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