Robert Wishlist
Running this website is a labor of love to me and it gives me great joy to bring rare and sometimes hard-to-find materials about Robert to all his fans. Unfortunately some materials are either out of print or are not widely available to the public. For this reason I'm asking you, his fans, for your help. If you have any media you don't see here that you would like to share, please E-mail me and I would love ot hear from you. It is only through your help that Robert's full career and talent can be enjoyed and appreciated by all his fans. Thank you for anything you'd be willing to share.

My Wishlist
Stalky & Co. (1982 - TV miniseries)

Lost Belongings (1987 - TV miniseries)

Crossbow (1988-89 TV series)
The Moment of Truth - Part 1 & 2
Spirit of Rebellion
The Touch

Noah's Ark "Family Matters" (1997 - Season 1, Episode 6)

Starlings (1988 - TV appearance)

The Bill "The Trap" (1988 - Season 4, Episode 18)

Pulaski "Tough Guys Don't Blink" (1987 - Season 1, Episode 6)

Ladies in Charge "All that Glitters" (1986 - Season 1, Episode 6)

Midnight Feast (1982 - TV)

ITV Playhouse "Friends & Lovers" (1981 - Season 13, Episode 11)

The Brief (1984 - TV series)

Andy Robson "A Two Horse Race" (1983 - TV series)

Bognor (1981 - Season 1, Episode 2)

(1980 - TV)

Horse in the House (1978 - TV)

Any media on theatrical performances

Rare interviews or publicity photos

Personal stories/memories of Robert
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