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May the Lord bless thee and keep thee in the shelter of His loving arms.

Ik hou van het personage van Robin of Sherwood: Guy of Gisburne! Ik ga straks weer verder kijken. R.I.P!

May the God of peace and mercy, hold you gently in his great, firm, arms. May His pierced hand rest upon your head, may your eyes look up into his eyes, and know He holds you forever.

The greatest Guy of Gisburne. I never forget you Robert...

Rest in peace Sir Guy

Robert, wherever you are, I love you
and you are always in my heart. Rest in peace, my dear knight.
Suranga Rohan

I am from Sri Lanka. I can't believe this but rest in peace my dear Gisburne.

I did not know You died, until today. I am totally shocked.

In 80's You was my favourite actor, and Guy was my favorite character, when I was 5 - 6 y.old.
I believe You are safe and happy.

Though a knight has fallen and my heart is broken you will ride through my soul for eternity.
Andrew Griffith

To Gisburne,

Who served the sheriff well and always be remembered by fans he still upholds the LAW.
Rest in peace goodfellow.
Jim Markle

I met Robert years ago at Kip Carpenters house when a group of us from Texas went to England in 1986.  Nice man and very pleasant.  He will be missed.

Robert was a good Shakespearian actor. I think he will always  be well remembered as Mordred in Excalibur. His death is a great shame and he shall be missed.

Marie Ryan

I would like to say how much Robert has blessed me with his presence in T.V. shows and films. I know how hard it is to lose someone through cancer having lost both my parents. I will always remember how he made an impact in peoples' lives and I pray that we will see him again in Heaven, charming others as he did here on Earth.  God bless you Rob. xx

You are  always in my dreams. With all my love.

Robert, you are a beautiful and talented man. It is a true shame that you left this world so early, but I believe that you are happy where you are now. It deeply saddens me how I
will never have the chance to be graced by your presence. You will hold a special place in my heart forever and always.
Thanks for brightening up my days.

I'm from the 80's and back then I absolutely loved "Robin of Sherwood", especially Sir Guy of Gisburne. I know he was a villain but I've always loved the villains. I didn't even know that Robert Addie has passed away until today, he was great. This really sucks.

A great actor who helped make Robin of Sherwood the legend it is. Nothing is forgotten...

Remember Me
In eternal love, Sue


Dear All, I would like to express here my love and gratefulness for this outstanding and so special man who raised love in so many hearts and passed to us his great works. He will be never forgotten and people all around the world thanks to Internet can show their feelings and create beautiful webpages, what shows clearly Robert's heritage lives forever. I am sure he is with us in his spirit, is happy and at peace and loves us all.

Best Wishes, Magdalena

It is a song which always will remind me about the late autumn of 2003:

Into the West by Annie Lennox

RIP Sir Guy. You will live on forever as Modred and Gisburne -- and in the hearts and minds of friends, family, fans and Robin Hoods everywhere.

Tears in Heaven

To Robert, may you rest in peace.

Whenever I hear a bird singing,
whenever I saw a leaf falling,
whenever the wind whispers in my ear,
I am thinking of you with love
and I know, that we will meet
someday, somehow, somewhere.

Whenever a raindrop is falling,
whenever a bee is summing,
whenever the owl is calling,
I see your face in the fog,
remembering your good times,
remembering your bad times,
nothing is forgotten, nothing is ever forgotten.

Happy Easter for You. I hope you are spending this Day in Heaven.
Ron Coppus

We will miss you Gisburne!

loved all his work! and will be missed.

I smile whenever I see your acting. Thanks! Be proud, Farewell...

Nothing is forgotten. Nothing is ever forgotten.

Feliz Navidad, Robert!
Espero que estés feliz donde estás ahora.
Pienso en tí y estarás en mi corazón para siempre

Nothing is forgotten.
Nothing is ever forgotten.

Me hiciste soñar, gracias.
Descansa en paz.
Barry D Simco

With fond memories, have just rediscovered "Robin of Sherwood" and really have enjoyed the work of Robert. May he be in peace forever and forever.

you will be always in my mind... nothings forgotten...

May you rest in peace, Robert.

Feliz Pascua, Roberto.
Pienso en ti y estas en mi corazon.

Con mucho carino.

(Happy Easter, Robert. I'm thinking of you and you are in my heart.)
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Robert, Happy Easter. Enjoy this blessed day in Heaven. Peace and Joy be with you.

The best always go first... Bless.

Rest in peace, dear Robert! You`ll never be forgotten!!  With all my love