I'll Take Manhattan
Robet has a very short role in this drawn out mediocre soap opera, which certainly would have gone up a notch in caliber and acting quality if he had been given a lead role instead of being relegated to an extremely minor character.

He is both gorgeous and charming as Sir Charles Kirkgordon (and he really needed to wear kilts more often - yummy). Sir Charles seems infatuated with Maxi Amberville, although she never truly returns his affections and spends most of the time moaning about the cold castle (stupid woman, warm up with Charlie!!)

The ultimate moment worthy of slapping Maxi: She leaves Charles and is seen talking about how she "always chooses the wrong men." Hmm, let's see .. Charles is gorgeous, rich, he adores you and your daughter .. what more could you want?! Well Charles, if you sad and lonely after stupid cow Maxi ... you don't have to spend nights in that cold castle alone. ;)
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