Interviews & Reports

Tales from Sherwood

This rare article was written by a fellow fan and provides in depth insight into Robert's life and work.

Want a Baddie? Send for Addie

An interview heavily focussing on Robert playing villains, particularly Sir Guy of Gisburne.

Letter to the fans

Robert wrote this letter to be published in the fanzine

Theater promotion letter

A second letter published in
Raconteur, which was written in promotion of a theater play Robert was involved with.

The Grinch charity play

Robert evidently directed and possibly starred in this charity production on How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

News of his death

Death report

This was published in
Tales from Sherwood on Nov. 27, 2003. It includes information on his life and funeral arrangements.

London Independent Obituary

An obituary that appeared  Jan. 2, 2004 in
The Independent. Contains a few factual errors.

His funeral

A bittersweet account from Kirsty Robertson who was fortunate enough to attend Robert's funeral.

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Thank you ...

To my good friend Fosforito for scanning these interviews.

Xshipper23, this rare and wonderful article, Tales from Sherwood, is available widely to the public for the first time because of your generosity.

Malfi, for the contibution of the second letter from Racounteur.

Kirsty Robertson, for the information on Robert's death, the touching report on his funeral and giving permission to reprint Letter to the Fans and the "Baddie" interview.

This page is special because of all of you and I couldn't have done it without your help.