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* Thanks to all the very talented fan video authors who gave their permission *
       from sherwoodbross

A beautiful tribute and moving video about Robert and the memories he's given us. Russian song with English subtitles.
  Brokeback Sherwood
by Fosforito

What if
Brokeback Mountain happened in Sherwood? Maybe something more is going on with the Sheriff of Nottingham and Guy of Gisburne.
             by milka

Video about brotherly love and an electronic sword.
          Hate You
by kezya

Life would be a lot easier, if only Guy could really hate Robert de Rainault.
     Mad About The Boy
from matb69

Tribute to Robert Addie with a song by Dinah Washington.
Lady Serena

Gizzy being "bad" and we love him for it.
       Ode to Mordred

Mordred is just misunderstood - and has some anger issues.
         Broken Dreams
                  by Sealgirl

Poor Guy finds himself alone and friendless with nothing going right.
I'm Too Sexy
by Azina

Gisburne is sexy and knows it. Shameless piece of eye candy.
      I'll See It Through
Lady Serena

Gisburne and Sara love each other but fate strives to separate them.
        Without You
by Lady Serena

A tragic love story of Gisburne  and Mildred de Brecy.
  Robert Addie Tribute
by Lady Serena

Beautiful video with clips from
Hazard of Hearts.
Wishing You Were Here
Lady Serena

Tribute video to RA playing Gisburne. Wish you still were here ...
Let Go
by Azina

Loxley and Gisburne are mortal enemies - or are they?
The War is Not Over
by Azina

The Robin Hood incident seen through Gisburne's POV.
Send Me An Angel
by Azina

Gizzy is lonely and no one seems to love him. Will Heaven send him an Angel?
Take Me With You
by Azina

A loving tribute to all Robert has done and might have done.
by Azina

Another tribute to all the beautiful memories Robert has given us.
       Heart of a Hero
by Azina

Gisburne is humiliated and browbeaten, yet he still continues to fight on, no matter what.
Only Time
by Azina

A visual journey through RA's career, from his early days to his  work in his later roles in his career.
by Fosforito

Sherwood's got the grooves and the Merries have the moves. Very catchy dance video.
Tears in Heaven
by Azina

A loving tribute to Robert Addie using only Gisburne scenes.
Sleeping Sun
by Azina

Clips from Excalibur set to Nightwish's Sleeping Sun.
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