Devil's Bride
It's difficult not to compare Robert's appearance in The New Adventures of Robin Hood: Devil's Bride with the old Robin of Sherwood series. One is struck by how clearly inferior New Adventures is and how Robert's talent and experience as an actor are squandered in a purely mediocre script.

Remiscent of the better films
Rosemary's Baby or even The Omen, Groilet is a priest (supposedly of Satan) who is determined to capture Marion and make her "The Devil's Bride" after Groilet's body is possessed by The Evil One. Needless to say, Marion is saved by Robin Hood (who looks like a white version of the comedian Sinbad) and Groilet is conveniently killed. The lowest point in the episode: A lightsaber battle between Groilet and Robin using the same colors Darth and Luke had.
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