Bugs - Absent Friends & Sacrifice to Science
Sometimes watching Robert's roles later in his years can be a practice in frustration for fans - either they're blink-and-you-miss-him roles are they're roles that clearly waste his talent. Bugs is a rare exception and quite a hidden "gem" compared to his other later roles. It's not fantastic, but Robert has a major role and he brings complexity - even sympathy - to the character of General Russell.

The Synopsis: Russell's family was accidentally killed by a scientist when a lethal virus escaped at a military facility Russell was in charge of at the time. He blames the scientist for their deaths and is determined that he will "Die by science" by genetically engineering a killer virus that will specifically target the scientist. It's not James Bond, but the episode was quite cool and Robert was excellent in it, even if relegated (again) to playing a military character and "villain."

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