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This is a tribute website dedicated to the talented and handsome actor who was best known for his role of Mordred in Excalibur and the hot-blooded Norman knight Sir Guy of Gisburne in the Robin of Sherwood series.

Please come in, visit and learn more about his life and work.
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Updated 9/16/08

Christopher Lambert has uploaded a new video  on the taped interview with Robert Addie. This time it's about Conventions and River Dunking from ROS.

Updated 8/25/08

Christopher Lambert has uploaded a recorded converation Robert originally meant for an autobiographical article. It includes the funny anecdote about the Herne Barbecue. Big thanks to Lambert for generously sharing these rare recordings with his fans.

Katrin also has created two beautiful new avatars, Guy to Celia and My Lady.

Updated 8/12/08

Katrin has created a gorgeous new wallpaper Distant Sun. Also Robert's early appearance in Smugglers - Press Gang I have uploaded to Youtube in three parts:

Smugglers Part One
    Part Two     Part Three

Updated 8/5/08

Robert's appearance in Barriers has been posted by Toddysfins. She has graciously given me permission to repost the links to the videos on Youtube.

Barriers Episode 1.1      Barriers Episode 4.1, 4.2 & 4.3       Barriers Episode 8.1, 8.2 & 8.3

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