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Updated 1/20/08

Lady Gisburne has created some more beautiful Avatars. I also have included a button at the top of the page to donate to the RA Memorial Cancer Research Fund. On a side note ... a very Happy Birthday to the RA Fan Forum! It is exactly one year since it was founded. Thank you to all the fans who have joined and have kept Robert's memory alive through fun and friendship.

Updated 1/13/08

A photo gallery has been added for Robert's appearance
Smuggler Press Gang. Thanks to Freewebs for their permission to repost the photos. Calendars for the New Year are still available in the newly created Seasonal Goodies section.

Updated 1/11/08

Lady Gisburne has created some more great Avatars and Helena also has made a few new Collages.

Updated 1/9/08

Chris Lambert, a fellow actor who worked with Robert in the theatre during the '90s, has created a touching
Memorial Page for Robert. You also can donate to Cancer Research in Robert's name, which I think is not only a wonderful way to remember him by, but  hopefully one day will help make death by cancer a distant memory.

Updated 1/6/08

Good news to usher in the New Year.
Smuggler Press Gang will be available on DVD as of March 17. Thanks to Jicara for the info.

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